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The Wide World of Real Estate Our Favorite Vacation Homes in America’s Most Beautiful Small Towns BY CAITLIN MORTON There are many advantages to vacationing in small towns, from friendly locals to surprisingly great food. You’ll also often stumble upon some of the cutest inns and B&Bs you’ll ever see. The only downside? These places can be tiny, and, depending on the season, they fill up fast. That’s where rental companies like Airbnb and […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: August 2022 Sam Shalom     Aug 31, 2022 When you think of the Emerald Isle, perhaps you think of breathtaking hills with flocks of sheep, a perfectly poured pint of Guinness, or the sound of live music that can pull on your heartstrings… Or maybe, you’re aware that Coldwell Banker has been growing in Ireland and just […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Help The World’s Bravest Kids Get Back Home Even Faster Athena Snow    Sept 1, 2022 We are proud to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® a place so many kids call home while they fight cancer and other life threating disease. Each year, approximately 16,000 children and teens in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer. One in five of these children won’t survive. It’s […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Home Renovations That Offer the Best ROI for Resale Gustavo Gonzalez       Aug 1, 2022 Looking to make some upgrades and wondering which will have the biggest pay off? If you guessed kitchen and bathrooms, you’re spot on. Another good one is landscaping. Whether they’re big or small, a few upgrades can pay big dividends when it’s time to sell your home. Follow […]
The Wide World of Real Estate What To Pack For Your First Night In Your New House The following is a guest post written by Laura McHolm, Chief of Organized Living & NorthStar Moving Company Co-Founder  Moving day is approaching and your to-do list just keeps growing! But, there is one more to-do to add to your list. This to-do gets you ready for a peaceful first night in your new home. You’ll thank […]
The Wide World of Real Estate These 8 Real Structures Inspired the Castles in Disney Films A medieval-architecture historian breaks down the palaces in the animated classics By Katherine McLaughlin July 22, 2022 You might know that many Disney films are based on fairytales. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs comes from the Brothers Grimm classic and Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault was the basis for the film of the same name. But a princess is […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: July 2022 Sam Shalom   July 29, 2022 Mallorca, the largest of the chain of islands located off the east coast of Spain, is also the most diverse of the Balearics. Yes, the same aquamarine waters that surround Ibiza (its southwest neighbor) lap onto the shores of Mallorca, but Mallorca’s landscape is much more distinct and impressive thanks to […]
The Wide World of Real Estate A Recession Doesn’t Equal a Housing Crisis
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The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: June 2022 Sam Shalom  June 27, 2022 Comprised of more than 700 stunning subtropical islands, most of which are uninhabited, the Bahamas is a laid-back, luxurious destination for any kind of traveler. Want to sail around an island? No problem. Party poolside at a glamorous resort? Check. Lounge on pink, sandy beaches? We got you! Swimming with […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space By Jennifer McGuire      June 1, 2022 We all want to spend as much time as we can outside during the summer months. There’s nothing quite like a relaxing summer day in the backyard with friends, hosting a barbeque or enjoying an evening under the stars around the firepit. Summer is made for chilling […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Beat the Heat with Summer Salads by Jennifer McGuire When the weather heats up, it’s the perfect time to whip up light and refreshing salads. From fruit to pasta to all those fresh, leafy varieties – there’s no limits to what you can toss and serve this summer. Here are just a few delicious and inspiring salad ideas. Keep it Fresh […]
The Wide World of Real Estate The Strength of the ‘R’ Lifts Up Ukraine April 20, 2022 by Melissa Dittmann Tracey At a church near her real estate office in the city of Irpin, Ukraine, Zoya Ilnytska busied herself helping to make meals for the hundreds who’d gathered there seeking refuge. Distant artillery shots rang out and explosions shook the town, which sits just outside the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Let’s stand together to make unfair housing history By Ryan Gorman, CEO, Coldwell Banker At Coldwell Banker, we’re committed to supporting and expanding equal access to housing for all and we stand together to help build thriving, inclusive communities that fuel economic growth and prosperity. We honor this commitment by commemorating Fair Housing Month in April. The History of Fair Housing National Fair […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Where Are Mortgage Rates Headed? Where Are Mortgage Rates Headed? There’s never been a truer statement regarding forecasting mortgage rates than the one offered last year by Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American: “You know, the fallacy of economic forecasting is: Don’t ever try and forecast interest rates and or, more specifically, if you’re a real estate economist mortgage rates, because you […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Why a Real Estate Professional Is Key When Selling Your House Why a Real Estate Professional Is Key When Selling Your House With today’s real estate market moving as fast as it is, working with a real estate professional is more essential than ever. They have the skills, experience, and expertise it takes to navigate the highly detailed and involved process of selling a home. That may be […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Open House Tips for Buyers and Sellers How do you make sure your open house goes smoothly and gets the job done? An open house is a tried and true way to attract potential buyers and create buzz when your house goes on the market. So how do you make sure your open house goes smoothly and gets the job done? Consider […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World : February 2022 A picturesque gem, surrounded by Gallo-Roman walls and towers (dating from the late 3rd Century CE), offering historic secrets and charms that many are not aware of? Welcome to Le Mans! The town of Le Mans is typically visited to experience one of the most famous and oldest car races in the world, 24 Hours of […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Get Your 2022 Spring Buyer and Seller Guides!
The Wide World of Real Estate Spring Time Selling This Spring Presents Sellers with a Golden Opportunity If you’re thinking of selling your house this year, timing is crucial. After all, you’ll want to balance getting the most out of the sale of your current home and making the best investment when you buy your next one. If that’s the case, you should know – you may be […]