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The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: July 2024 Exploring Samara: A Conversation with the Owners of Coldwell Banker Samara KAIT MCMURDO            JUL 2, 2024 In our quest to uncover hidden gems, we stumbled upon Samara—a small, charming beach town nestled on the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica’s southern Nicoya Peninsula. What makes this place truly enchanting? We sat down with Shannon Mika, Owner at Coldwell Banker Samara, to unravel her […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: June 2024 The Azores: A Blossoming Paradise KAIT MCMURDO      JUN 7, 2024 There is an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean knows as The Azores, and it’s a paradise that belongs to Portugal. Imagine waking up to emerald-green lakes, exploring geothermal hot springs, and savoring fresh seafood—all while contributing to a thriving community. […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Planning an Unforgettable Outdoor Dinner Party KIMBERLY QUEVEDO  5/30/24 Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and family in the open air, and hosting an outdoor dinner party is a great way to catch up while enjoying the season. Planning a summer soirée might seem daunting. With a few simple touches and thoughtful food items and activities, your alfresco […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: May 2024 – Discover the Hidden Treasures of Jujuy By KAIT MCMURDO   May 8, 2024 Nestled in the heart of Argentina’s northwest, the province of Jujuy beckons travelers with its rich tapestry of flavors, vibrant landscapes, and ancient traditions. With breathtaking vistas that stretch from the rugged Andes to the salt-crusted expanses of the Salinas Grandes, this enchanting province is the perfect destination for […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Inside the ‘Ugliest House’ in America’s Transformation April 8, 2024   Design & Architecture    By: Melissa Dittmann Tracey A 134-year-old farmhouse in Williamsburg, Va., earned the title of “Ugliest House of the Year” from HomeVestors of America in 2023. But the property has overcome its dilapidated past with an impressive remodel. The 2,277-square-foot home, which was originally built in the 1890s, had […]
The Wide World of Real Estate 5 Outdoor Features Homeowners Want This Spring From backyard pickleball courts to wildscaping, find out how homeowners are sprucing up their yard. As spring approaches, more homeowners are sizing up their outdoor space and making plans to ensure every square inch counts. They’re ditching expansive, lush lawns and carving out more areas for entertaining, relaxing and pursuing hobbies. The Plan Collection, a […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: March 2024 KAIT MCMURDO   MAR 7, 2024 In the south of France, west of Marseilles, you will find a city that offers the trappings of old-world refinement and a beautiful climate for relaxing, Montpellier. Historically, the area boasts the distinction of being the first Roman Province North of the Alps from the late second century BCE. In […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Home Stager Reveals 4 Hot Trends for 2024 By: Krisztina Bell Say goodbye to the ordinary as home design moves toward the extraordinary with an extra-personalized aesthetic. Homes today fulfill a lot more purposes, providing comfort, wellness and an eco-friendly and personalized space—all in a technological way. Home layouts are being reconfigured, too. Dining rooms have become nearly extinct, living spaces are being designed […]
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The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: February 2024 Sam Shalom     2/8/24 Picturesque Nelson, BC, is set roughly halfway between Vancouver on Canada’s west coast and Calgary in the Canadian Rockies. Nestled in the Selkirk Mountains and set on the west arm of Kootenay Lake, the city of 11,000 residents is home (and vacation home) to people who love life outdoors in all […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: January 2024   Sam Shalom   1/5/2024 At first glance, the picturesque Alt Empordà region captivates visitors and locals alike with beautiful coastline and Catalan Pyrenees views. However, beyond the quiet countryside and blue horizon, the diverse Alt Empordà territory encompasses distinct characteristics. From quaint fishing villages near the French border, to the plains region filled with wineries […]
The Wide World of Real Estate 8 Common Home Inspection Issues: Fix Now or Later? Melissa Dittman Tracey   Dec 6,2023 Buyers may balk at lengthy inspection reports, but not every item is an emergency. Know what may—and may not—be cause for alarm. © grandriver – iStock/Getty Images Plus The results of a home inspection can make or break a home sale, particularly if buyers are unsure about the items flagged […]
The Wide World of Real Estate 10 Home Design Trends Your Clients Will Love in 2024 Melissa Dittman Tracey    12/5/2023 Houzz, a remodeling website, chimes in with predictions for the most buzzworthy home features in the new year. Stylish storage, bolder patterns and textures and colors beyond the whites and grays are expected to shake up home design in 2024. Houzz, a home renovation and design platform, weighs in with […]
The Wide World of Real Estate 4 Winter Decor Ideas Trending on Pinterest Try these looks to cozy up your home staging this winter. January 2, 2024 Design & Architecture, Design Trends As the nights get colder, our homes should feel cozier. Pinterest is showcasing several trends to do just that. RubyHome Luxury Real Estate in Los Angeles researched the latest search data on Pinterest to uncover trending interior […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Blue May Become Red-Hot in the New Year December 4, 2023    Design & Architecture, Design Trends Many paint companies have chosen a variation of this universal color as their pick for the 2024 Color of the Year. Several choices for the 2024 Color of the Year are looking a little blue. Blue tends to mix well with white, beige and gray, which […]
The Wide World of Real Estate What’s hot and what’s not in interior design for 2024. It’s all about the personality and character. By Kaitlin Keegan    11/27/23 It’s been quite a year for interior design. As houses are swept off the market in minutes after listing and new homeowners tackle what they want their home to be like, 2023 was marked with white, clean designs along with minimalism, shiplap and fast furniture. The design world has shifted […]
The Wide World of Real Estate 8 Winter Energy-Saving Tips for a Cozy, Efficient Home These ideas, categorized from low to high effort, can help you save on utility bills as we enter the colder months. © kupicoo – E+/Getty Images An El Niño weather pattern is expected this winter, which could bring severe weather to many parts of the country. But cranking up the heat can be a fast-track […]
The Wide World of Real Estate The best color combinations for small spaces, according to interior designers By Eve Smallman   11/14/23   The best color combinations for small spaces will make your place look so much more stylish. The right colors paired together can make a space feel brighter and more inviting, so it’s a good idea to know what they are. When decorating your small house or apartment, it can be […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Home Prices Are Still Rising in More Than 80% of U.S. Markets By Melissa Dittman Tracey   11/9/23 While that’s unwelcome news for buyers, “homeowners have accumulated sizable wealth,” says NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun. © Bet_Noire – iStock/Getty Images Plus Home prices continue to rise in most areas of the country as more home buyers face affordability challenges. The median price nationwide for an existing single-family home […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Coldwell Banker Around the World: November 2023 Sam Shalom    11/2/23 As one of the oldest cities in South America, Asunción is also known as “The Mother of Cities”. Rich with history and culture, the capital of Paraguay also enjoys all the modern amenities of a modern metropolis. Recent visitors are discovering what residents of this diverse city experience daily; Asunción offers […]
The Wide World of Real Estate Homeowners’ Fall To-Do Lists Are Getting Long Melissa Dittman Tracey    11/6/23 This winter is forecasted to be harsh for many areas of the country. Here’s how homeowners are getting their properties ready. Homeowners are taking on jam-packed to-do lists before the arrival of winter, which is expected to be harsh this year as a weather pattern known as El Niño threatens […]