The Wide World of Real Estate March 17, 2022

Open House Tips for Buyers and Sellers

How do you make sure your open house goes smoothly and gets the job done?

An open house is a tried and true way to attract potential buyers and create buzz when your house goes on the market. So how do you make sure your open house goes smoothly and gets the job done? Consider the following insider tips and tricks to help ensure you have a successful open house.

Out with the old. It might sound a little harsh, but you’re going to want to remove about half of your belongings. The goal is to sell your house, so any unnecessary clutter is really just getting in the way of that. This might mean storing away all those sentimental vacation knickknacks, framed family portraits, toddler toys and bulky furniture. Buyers want to see fresh, clean open spaces. They need to imagine their things there, not yours. If storage is an issue, look into a nearby short-term storage facility to help move things out during this time.

What’s on the outside counts. In this instance, what’s on the outside matters. First impressions are huge, so make sure your lawn is cut, trees trimmed, toys and garbage cans … are all stored away. Think about planting some pretty flowers or adding a few big flowerpots and a welcome mat by the door. This would also be a good time to power wash the outside and clean the windows. Also, replace any outdated light fixtures and consider painting your front door a welcoming color.

Shine up your kitchen and baths. Get them as sparkly clean as possiblewe’re talking cleaning every square inch. Focus your attention on decluttering these spaces. Buyers want to see your counter tops, your backsplash, your shiny appliances – not your blender, toaster and junk mail. It’s also smart to clean out your pantry and refrigerator because, let’s be honest, people do like to snoop around.

Always take a final lap. Look at your house objectively, through the eyes of a buyer. Make sure you’ve depersonalized every room. That means dog beds, little Jimmy’s 3rd grade artwork, closets stuffed with old clothes, toothbrushes on the bathroom counter … And then look at rooms that could use a little more sprucing up. There are a few simple and cost-effective ways you can make a room look brand new. Invest in a couple new throw pillows on your bed and sofa, a new entryway rug, a neutral-colored shower curtain and a bouquet of fresh flowers. Always make sure your home smells good. There’s nothing that turns a buyer off faster than a stuffy, smelly house.

Holding an open  house is a great way to gauge buyers’ interest in a property and quickly assess whether the asking price is appropriate. And preparing for an open house really comes down to two things: cleaning and decluttering. With these tips, you’re well own your way to your next real estate adventure.